NIRF RANKING 2022:AIR 34                                                                                                                                                                        ACCREDITED GRADE 'A' BY NAAC                                                                                                                                            STAR STATUS BY DEPARTMENT OF BIOTECHNOLOGY, GOVT. OF INDIA

Research Supervision

Sr.No. Name of Full Time Teacher Recognized as Research Guide Qualification Year of Recognition as Research Guide Name of the Scholar Year of Registration of the Scholar Title of the Thesis of the Scholar
1 Dr. Rama Sisodia Ph.D. (2003) 2016 Ms. Suman Rani 2015 Effect of Cadmium on Growth and Physiology of Medicinal Plant - Catharanthus roseus
2 Dr. Brototi Roy Ph.D. (2009) 2017 Ms. Bhawana Kumari 2017 NOD-Link Receptors and Their Endocrine Control in Spotted Snakehead Channa punctata
Ms. Priyanka 2020 Cross-talk Between Immunity and Reproduction in Teleost
3 Dr. Hema Bhandari Ph.D. (2011) 2018 Mr. Brijesh Kumar Shukla 2018 Synthesis and Evaluation of Photocatalytic Properties of Bismuth molybdate and its Composites
Ms. Shailaja Mittal 2018 Synthesis and Evaluation of Magnetic Metal oxide Nano-particles and their Composites for Waste Water Treatment
4 Dr. Renu Gupta Ph.D. (1999) 2018 Ms. Jeeva Susan Abraham 2017 Taxonomy, Phylogeny and Molecular Systematics of Ciliates from Delhi, India
5 Dr. Shalini Lumb Talwar Ph.D. (2005) 2018 - - -
6 Dr. Sushil Kumari Ph.D. (2015) 2019 Ms. Deepshikha 2019 रामायण के सुंदरकांड में प्रयुक्त उप्सर्ग, निपात तथा क्रियापदो‍ का अनुशीलन
Ms. Sapna 2021 संस्कृत में आधुनिक बाल साहित्य: उद्भव एवम् विकास
7 Dr. Atika Chandra Ph.D. (2001) 2019 Ms. Tripti 2021 -
8 Dr. Pooja Baweja Ph.D. (2006) 2019 - - -
9 Dr. Anamika Singh Ph.D. (2011) 2020 Anuradha Gautam 2014 Identification of Phytochemicals from Tinospora cordifolia using Anti-ageing Specific Receptor
10 Dr. Pramod Singh Ph.D. (2015) 2015 Mr. Gireesh Bhai 2021 ब्रह्‍मनिरुपणम् का दार्शनिक अनुशीलन
11 Dr. Shikha Badhani Ph.D. (2020) 2021 Ms. Rashmeet Kaur Chawla 2019 Machine Learning and Soft Computing