NIRF RANKING 2022:AIR 34                                                                                                                                                                        ACCREDITED GRADE 'A' BY NAAC                                                                                                                                            STAR STATUS BY DEPARTMENT OF BIOTECHNOLOGY, GOVT. OF INDIA


As per University Mandate, an “Ethics Committee” of the college has been constituted for the maintenance of standards in higher education. The scope of “Ethics Committee” will not only be limited to faculty members, as the committee will also address the issues of non-teaching staff and students also.

The composition of the Ethics Committee is as follows:

(i) Convenor of ICC Committee- Convenor of Ethics Committee

(ii) Convenor of IQAC Committee-Member

(iii) Convenor of Discipline Committee-Member

(iv) Convenor of Students Union-Member

(v) Staff Association Secretary-Member

(vi) Administrative officer of the college-Member

Current Members (2021-22):

1. Dr Prachi Bagla

2. Dr Ankita Chaudhary

3. Dr Pramod Singh

4. Dr Kamal Sharma

5. Dr Ritu Gaba

6. Dr Pradeep Rai

7. Mr Ranu Kumar