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The college has an active Placement Cell which helps the students in achieving their true potential in the present day competitive market. The Placement Cell ttrives to offer the best profiles for a different array of departments. These department range from Commerce to Sanskrit and from Economics to Sciences, so that every one of our students can have the opportunity that they have been aiming for. The Placement Cell aims to focus on taking up the role of a mediator between the corporate sector and the students to fill the existing void. The Cell operates to ensure an efficient way, and to conduct the process without any complication. This turns out to be a symbiotic relationship where both the students and the companies are benefited. It helps students to get placed in the companies with their desired profiles and at the same time, the companies can also acquire the skills and the passion which they aims for in the candidates.

It is a continuous process of developing alliance with potential recruiters and inviting them to the college to provide them high quality human capital. College is equipping the students to learn about entrepreneurial and managerial skills to operate in challenging business environment.

The Cell works with an aim to nurture an ecosystem that promotes democratic values, inclusiveness of diverse people and cultures, and freedom of expression and creativity.

Thus, we strive to work diligently in the successive sessions too, hosting our recruiters with same ardour as well as catering to the aspirations of every proud Maitreyian.


The working of the Cell starts from the Research division. The essential capacity of the department is to find all the expected organizations and associations that can open doors to the undergrad students of our college. We research organizations for –

1.Internship opportunities

2.Job opportunities

3.Short term courses

4.Knowledgeable webinars/seminars and skill enhancement sessions.

Our goal is to keep up with both quality and amount in the opportunities that we give to the students by researching the needs of all different departments and streams and then finding organizations for all of them accordingly.


The Corporate Networking department deals with reaching out to HRs of various companies and bringing in opportunities for the students. Corporate Networking is done through cold calling. Cold calling is the solicitation of potential companies that can offer various opportunities. To bring these opportunities regularly, it is essential to build a network with them. The main motive of the department is to act as a bridge between the big world of corporate and the college. The members research well about the company before contacting them and then try to bring as many companies as possible for all Jobs, Internships, & Webinar opportunities. The department plays a vital role for the working of Placement Cell as it ensures that companies give opportunities to our college.


The major work of this department is to decipher the opportunities in a systematic format, so that students can understand and choose the best- suited companies. The members collect all the required information from the companies and frame the messages. To make it accessible to all students, members regularly circulate these opportunities in WhatsApp groups. Further, they assist students by solving their queries. They also maintain fruitful relations with the company during the entire recruitment procedure and communicate the same to interested applicants. This department plays a pivotal role in Placement Cells as it decides and works on how every opportunity will be presented before students. It also maintains details and updates of all the opportunities. Thus, it is a key factor that determines placement Cell' s success.


The Public Relations department is responsible for spreading information about all the activities to the students of the college.

The working of the PR department is further divided into 2 categories, which makes the working of the department more efficient.

The 2 categories are-

Poster Making:

A Poster is a large notice announcing or advertising something.

Here, in the placement cell, we understand our responsibilities, hence for every opportunity, a poster is made which makes it easier for students to grasp the information.

Content Writing:

Content writing is the process of planning, writing and editing web content, typically for digital marketing purposes.


The Corporate and Finance department is one of the most crucial departments of the Cell. Its work is done through cold calling, which includes contacting potential companies that can offer opportunities to the students. The working of the Cell is initiated after this department brings webinars, training sessions, or seminar leads through networking. In the process of bringing in knowledgeable sessions on a plethora of topics, ranging from higher education to careers in various fields, the department accumulates funds to finance the offline events of the Cell.


Event department of the Placement Cell organizes and facilitates workshops, webinars, practice test-series events and much more for the skill-enhancement and personality building of college students. The department ensures the participants equip themselves with long-lasting skills and capabilities toward their prosperous professional journeys.


Our aim has always been to be more inclusive in our endeavours , working in the same direction we, Horizon, have recently added a new department i.e Physically Disabled Department to provide equal opportunities for all . The cell makes sure to make both the ends meet in helping such students find the right path for their career and future, simultaneously. The cell has also been instrumental in creating awareness to create a kind of an enigma to work solely for this department with full determination and enthusiasm. To add to it, there are various employment opportunities for the differently abled and our placement cell leaves no stone unturned to give each and every student the best of everything.


Horizon, Placement Cell of Maitreyi College nurtures to give you the best experience of the corporate world and also keep you connected with it throughout.

The Placement Cell is an integral part of the Maitreyi College. The Cell's objective is to provide placements to college students and developing the students to meet the industries recruitment process. The Cell does so by bridging the gap between campus and the corporate world.

Placement drives, upskilling sessions and other activities take place throughout the academic year intending to expose students to the nature of the corporate world, therefore, providing insight into their future professional careers.

In all the cell has flourished tremendously all these years, showing significant growth in the number of offers provided and an expansion in the profiles offered and it's still reaching greater heights everyday.