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About ICC

College has an Internal Complaints Committee (ICC) against sexual harassment. It has three faculty members and one coopted member. This coopted member is some prominent person who is either known to have made contribution to the concerned field or is in a position to provide expert advise like an advocate or a psychiatrist. There are three elected student representatives on the committee. Though not required, they are given the designation of President ICC, Vice President ICC , and Secretary ICC. Besides we select some gender champions from among students. Gender champions learn the work in ICC as understudy and can contest for the next committee.

The committee is constituted freshly every year. Names of the committee members are publicised through college websites and notices.

The committee officially is required to look into complaints of incidents of gender based harassment in the college premises only. But we extend it to such problems our students may face in areas around the college or in their PG accommodation.

In our college , so far, not even a single case of gender based harassment has occurred. Students , however, are advised not to suffer silently and repot their matters to us. The committee will try its best to help the aggrieved.

ICC attempts to create awareness about gender discrimination and related issues through inter and intra college competitions and lecture series. In the academic session 2019-20, the following inter college competitions were organised:

1. Paper reading on the topic A woman has a right to life and dignity.

2. Debate on the topic Punishment for rapist should be within the framework of rule of law

3. Poster making on the topic बेटा पढ़ाओ बेट) बचाओ

4. Collage making on the topic Crime against Women: A Global Feature

5. Online short essay competition on the topic There is no need to check date of birth of a rapist.

Latest in this endeavour is a bilingual, half yearly e- magazine titled Samvedana. Two dates of its issue are 1st January and 1st July every year. Our magazine has the prestigious ISSN and is peer reviewed. Students, professionals, and professors are making contribution to it across the globe in various forms.

All the students are encouraged to participate in the activities of ICC and write for Samvedana.